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5 Fun Facts About Alpacas You Didn't Know

Alpacas in field on farm

Alpaca's! They are adorable, fluffy creatures (at least we think so). They're not just cute though, they're also complex and interesting animals with a lot to offer. Originating from South America, they are full of surprises so we thought we would start our blog with 5 amazing facts to help you get to know them.

5 Fun Facts About Alpacas You Didn't Know

Alpaca's Unique Coat

Alpacas have been bred for thousands of years for their luxurious fibres. Alpaca fibre is even softer and warmer than sheep's wool, and it's hypoallergenic. This means it doesn't contain the lanolin found in sheep's wool that can cause allergic reactions. So next time you're shopping for cosy knitwear, consider some made from alpaca wool!

Alpaca's Interesting Dental Structure

Did you know that alpacas only have teeth in the bottom of their mouths? They have a hard gum, called a dental pad, on the top. This is why alpacas chew their food in a grinding motion, rather than chomping down like other animals. This unique dental structure is a result of their diet, which consists mainly of grass.

Alpaca's Social Behaviour

Alpacas are extremely social animals. They live in herds and are known to get lonely if left alone. Alpacas communicate with each other through a series of hums, chirps, and other sounds. Females even hum to their babies, known as crias. This social behaviour extends to humans as well, and alpacas can form close bonds with their human caregivers. We have Emily, who looks after all our alpacas, and they really do love her!

Alpaca's Amazing Agility

Despite their fluffy and cuddly appearance, alpacas are surprisingly agile animals. They're excellent climbers and have been known to easily scale steep hills and navigate rocky terrain. Their padded feet are gentle on the ground, causing minimal damage to the environment, which makes them ideal for eco-friendly farming.

Alpaca's Long Lifespan

Alpacas have a longer lifespan compared to many other farm animals. On average, an alpaca can live for up to 20 years, and some even surpass this age. Their long lifespan, combined with their generally robust health, make them a great investment for farmers and breeders.

Alpacas waiting for shearing on farm

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