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Exploring the Different Alpaca Breeds

Exploring the Different Alpaca Breeds

Although there is only one species of alpaca, there are two different breeds, or fleece types, whichever you prefer to say. Below, we go into a little more detail about each one but if you have any questions please make sure to leave a comment below!

Huacaya Alpacas

The most common type of alpaca that we have on our farm, Huacaya (wha-Kai-uh) Alpacas, are the most widespread breed. These fuzzy friends are famous for their dense, woolly coats, giving them an irresistible teddy bear-like look. Their fiber, with a curliness akin to sheep's wool, stands out from their bodies, enhancing their fluffy silhouette. What's really remarkable about these Huacayas is their robust nature and adaptability to diverse weather conditions. Their resilience, coupled with their adorable appearance, make them a joy to be around.

Suri Alpacas

Suri (Sir-ree) Alpacas, although similar, have a much bigger personalities. In stark contrast to the Huacayas, Suris have long, glossy fibers that dangle from their bodies in stunning locks. This gives them a more sophisticated and flowing coat. Their fiber, silky and soft, is highly coveted in the textile world for its premium quality. However, Suri alpacas are a bit more sensitive to weather fluctuations and therefore, need a touch more tender loving care.

Whichever breed they may be, we sure do love them both equally!

Huacaya and Suri Alpaca at farm

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